Our Proud Sources


Blue Sky Farm has been a proud Certified Angus Beef grower since 1997. Blue Sky Farm has over 280 acres dedicated to conscientious land management, Colorado meats, and environmentally sound growing practices in the area that is well known for its fertile sandy loam soil and good water from the Cache La Poudre River. Among the many irrigated fields of grass and alfalfa hay lie several large lush pastures that provide a home for national champion sport horses and a small herd of naturally-raised Black Angus cattle.


Legacy Meats is one of the Colorado beef for sale meat companies serving the meat lovers across nation. Legacy Meats Colorado beef company has begun with an aim to provide customers with great-tasting beef at an affordable price. Ever since it started in 2012, Legacy Meats has been its customers’ favorite meat company or Colorado house of beef.



Mulay’s Sausage is one of the best sausage made by Mulay family’s centuries old recipes. Mulay’s Sausages have been Colorado’s favorite ever since Mulay’s family started selling sausages in Crested Butte for 4th of July Festival since 1990.


We believe pork has the superpower to bring you joy. So, we craft our Tender Belly pork the crazy hard way because to settle for anything less than the best is, well, just crazy. Right?

Colorado premium meats Adding water to bacon is a cheap shortcut. We never do it. We rub our pork bellies with freshly ground spices, let the tasty dry rub soak in for days, and then slow smoke 'em with real cherry wood.

#CrazyTasty starts with pork made from Heritage Breed Pigs raised to higher standards than most others. We only partner with sustainability-focused farmers.




Flying B Bar Cattle Ranch, located in Strasburg, Colorado, raises Black Angus cattle, and is the passion pursuit of the Buchanan family; Brad, Margaret, Grace and Will.  Our cattle are all grass fed and grass finished, which means they are never fed any grains or corn. 


Instead of trying to tell you “Who We Are” and dazzle you with our certifications from the American Grassfed Association, or Audubon, or even impress you with terms like Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, or Non-GMO, we’d rather tell you “Why We Are”.

It’s  actually pretty simple.  We know that you care about what your family eats, well, so do we.  We exist so that your family can eat the same delicious, healthy food, that we eat.



Mary’s Free Range Chickens is proud to be family owned and operated since 1954. Mary’s Chickens has joined the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards Program with Global Animal Partnership.

Mary's Chickens has joined Certified Humane®. This program's goal is to improve the lives of farm animals by expanding consumer awareness, driving the demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices.


Hog Heaven was launched by Rod Ashby in 1993 and enjoyed a popular location on Highway 285 in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and had a Food Bus in Aurora. In late 2018, an offer was made on the location that was too good to refuse ~ the Bus got sold... BUT THE SAUCE STILL FLOWS!



This is the story of Pederson’s Natural Farms, where the best is made better. This is a story about saying good riddance to the status quo, getting up after getting knocked down, and shaking up an industry that’d been asleep for too long.


Wheat Ridge Poultry is one of the Colorado’s oldest and most favorite meat company. Ever since it started in 1942 as a family run poultry farm offering fresh chickens, turkey and eggs; Wheat Ridge Poultry has won many awards for its finest quality and service. 



We are a family ranch owned co-op and we do things differently. We believe that the health of our lands, people and animals matter most. That's why we have stuck to our principles for decades, click below to see more on our founding principles. – Country Natural Beef