Our story is simple that was built on basic human values of empathy, caring and service.

During these unprecedented times, our lives were disturbed like never seen before, but that couldn’t stop us finding safe alternate options to feed our families with fresh meat and vegetables. We decided to go directly to Colorado meat company local farms and purchase meat from them, as it was a much safer way to go shopping than to go to a packed grocery store. Since we are Colorado locals, we knew the best farms and found that it was a great way to support our local farmers as well.

During this process, we realized that most of our friends and neighbors faced this problem as well, and we wanted to assist them as much as we could, so we started buying meat for them too.

Everyone loved the quality of the meat as well as the flexibility that was provided, since they could purchase meat based on their weekly needs instead of being forced to purchase expensive and large bundles. Once we saw how widespread this problem was and how convenient and beneficial this method of service was, we started a small business to source meat from local farms and deliver them to neighborhoods. We started off with turkey, with the holiday season coming upon us, we expanded to other meats like Colorado prime steaks.